DeviceControl is an app for remotely controlling lights and devices at home directly using your iPhone. This page and app is in Swedish only, but will eventually be in english.

Högmarsö Färja
This is a simple but very useful time table app for the ferry between Högmarsö and Svartnö in the Swedish archipelago. Since the app is only in Swedish the description page being linked from here is also only in Swedish.
This is a fluids simulation application for the iPhone (and of course the iPod Touch). The iPhone is a brilliant device for this kind of application because you get instant feedback and nice interaction using the multitouch screen and inbuilt accelerometer. Drag your finger across the screen to inject new liquid and/or stir around what is already there. Tilt the device to make the liquid react to gravity.
You can load your own images (or take new ones using the camera) to use as the base texture of the fluid. You can also save out an image of the fluid whenever you fancy!