Shake projects, macros and plug-ins
This page will no longer be updated because Shake is pretty much dead, and I've personally moved on using Nuke for everyday compositing (as of mid 2010).

Here I will present my own Shake projects such as plugin development, macros, scripts, tips n' tricks and such. I will give away everything for free because I love when I find other people's brilliant stuff for free on the net. It creates a better and nicer CG community where we learn even faster!

If you really like the stuff here, please do send me an e-mail and tell me so. I'd be very happy to know that you're actually using the stuff, especially if it's for sharp commercial production.

Shake plugins
Shake macros
Shake development
Disclaimer: I can not guarantee that my stuff always will work correctly. Since I'm not selling anything I can't support it either. You're using everything here at you're own risk, and I can therefore not be held responsible for any faults or similiar that my plugins/macros might produce.